Exercise Equipment Northwest started in 1992 with one showroom in Clackamas, OR.  Today showrooms are located in Portland, Beaverton, Happy Valley and Salem.  At the main office and warehouse in Clackamas is the commercial sales department, delivery department, service department and accounting.

Why buy from us?

We’re a local company. We don’t sub-contract our service or our delivery service. When you need help, you don’t call a national service center. Instead you talk to real people right here in Oregon.

Our Experience
Adam Craig at the Salem Store has 14 years of experience.
Jeanne Masters at the Delta/Portland Store has 18 years of experience.
Kim Moore at the Beaverton store has 18 years of experience.
Dan Bless at the Happy Valley store has 20 years of experience.
Tyrone Neighbors of the commercial dept. has 19 years of experience.

The Personal Touch
The staff is active and work to stay fit, but none of them are fitness fanatics, just regular people trying to live a healthy lifestyle.  From 23 to 61, we’re the same as you with the same concerns about the quality of life as our customers.  The staff is motivated by helping people succeed in their personal fitness goals.

White Glove Service
Fitness equipment is large, heavy and awkward.  Treadmills are sometimes in excess of 350 lbs., 7’ long and 3’ wide.  Transporting them to your home can be daunting.  Getting them in your house (and up the stairs) can be nearly impossible.  We do all that for you, plus we assemble it, test it and recycle the packaging for you. 
Then you get to start becoming healthier and more fit!

Exercise machines have become more sophisticated and complex.  The use of electronics continues to evolve.  And like all machines, problems can and will happen.  When they do our factory trained service technicians will come right to your home and fix the problem.  As a warranty service provider for all the equipment we sell, you never have to worry about finding someone qualified to do your repairs.

Consistent exercise promotes a sound body, mind, and soul. At EENW all we do is exercise equipment.  But what good are a healthy body, mind, and soul without a healthy planet?  To that end Exercise Equipment Northwest has a sustainability program that targets every facet of our business operations.
Delivery And Warehousing
EENW Delivery & Warehousing
Propane forklift - Propane is a clean-burning, non-toxic fuel, so a properly maintained forklift is safe to use indoors. Because propane-powered forklifts carry fuel in a sealed, pressure-tight system, a significant source of secondary pollution is eliminated.  Research studies have proven that properly maintained propane engines produce significantly fewer carbon monoxide, hydrocarbon, particulate matter and nitrogen oxide emissions than gasoline- or diesel-fueled forklifts.

Metal Halide lighting in warehouse – About 24% of the energy used by metal halide lamps produces light, making them generally more efficient than fluorescent lamps, and substantially more efficient than incandescent bulbs.

Delivery routes are scheduled by area to minimize unnecessary travel and emissions

Reuse or Recycle all pallets Reuse or Recycle all boxes, Recycle plastic packing bags, Recycle Styrofoam packaging material – rather than send Styrofoam to local landfills EENW has partnered with a local company, Pacific Seafood, who invested in a machine to break down and recycle polystyrene. The polystyrene is condensed into a small ingot, which is later used to make camera bodies, picture frames and other molded products.

EENW Service
EENW Service Service routes are scheduled by area to minimize unnecessary travel and emissions

Recycle plastic film and plastic bags, Recycle electronic boards and batteries – many electronic boards are sent to participating companies for refurbishing; if they cannot be refurbished both boards and batteries are e-cycled per State of Oregon standards.

Recycle metal waste
EENW Headquarters
EENW Headquarters Mix and Mingle recycle boxes at each desk – collect paper and cardboard, staples, clips, notebooks, tape, window envelopes, plastic containers (rinsed bottles & tubs), and rinsed metal cans and scrap metal.

Toner and ink cartridges are recycled

Fluorescent bulbs are recycled

E-mail used for intercompany communication instead of paper
EENW Retail Stores
EENW Retail Stores Mix and Mingle recycle boxes at each location

Recycle plastic film and plastic bags

Recycle electronic boards and batteries

Recycle metal waste

Reuse or Recycle all boxes

Recycle plastic packing bags

Recycle Styrofoam packaging material

Toner and ink cartridges are recycled

Fluorescent bulbs are recycled

E-mail used for intercompany communication instead of paper

At Exercise Equipment Northwest, we are continuously looking to find new sustainability practices to incorporate into our company policies.  We’re committed to reducing our environmental impact and becoming a more eco-friendly company.

For further information relating to Exercise Equipment Northwest’s sustainability practices, please contact: 

Jolene Weber

(503) 594-0500 – phone



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Exercise Equipment Northwest

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